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The Policeman's Hat Sculpture

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The Policeman's Hat Sculpture
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Item Number: 12337
So many times, we hear violence on the streets. Things go out of control and violence looms thick. Many times, lives are endamgered and many times more, you find the police man smack on the scene ready to protect. They are people too. They have families but what drives them from all others is their instinct to protect and serve the American public and to do whatever it takes to make the bad thing go away. Sometimes, words are simply not enough to describe their lives and when the policeman places his hat down for all to know he is at their beck and call, we remember just what it took to take that hat down.
Our sculpture is a symbolic gesture created to remember the fallen police man because when he served the public, he kept his hat on right where it was and he served the country to the end, protecting the streets, the citizens and always in the hours of distress.

Please email us if you need more information on this sculpture.

Please let us know your specifications including dimensions and material desired, and we will work to make something that will make a memory happen forever.
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