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Turtle Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Turtles are known to being luck and are often symbolized with Heaven and earth. The shell of the turtle is known to carry a deep meaning because of their shape and markings, and so these critters are revered for their dexterity and persistence. In the Chinese culture, turtles carry divinity along with the other divine animals like the phoenix, crane and the dragon. Many cultures including the African and Native American cultures treasure the turtle for their spirituality and the attachment to the female energies. Our turtle statues include small and large turtle statues as well as cast iron turtle figurines. Because many cultures revere the turtle for luck and good fortune, our range of turtle statues make wonderful gifts ideas and come in all sizes to suit your indoor and outdoor use. For those looking to add large to life size turtle statues, please consider using bronze turtle sculptures for long term endurance outdoors.

Protecting the Sea Turtle Habitat

As we approach World Turtle Day on May 23rd, many conservationists and scientists will examine the ways to sustain the lives of marine animals all across the world and one of the species which will receive much attention is sea turtles. One such organization which works to protect all species of sea turtles is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which has been active in securing bilateral and international agreements and conservation efforts to ensure that sea turtles remain protected species.

Sea turtles also known as marine turtles are highly migratory reptiles which are designed to adapt to life in the marine environment. Although they live most of their lives in the oceans, adult female turtles will lay their eggs on beaches. There are seven different types of sea or marine turtles which live in our oceans. They populate the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean to the colorful reefs of the Coral Triangle extending as far as the beaches of the Eastern Pacific with six of the species found in the United States and the flatback sea turtle, in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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Brothers Guding a Giant Turtle Fountain Statue
Brothers Guiding a Giant Turtle Fountain Statue
List Price: $8,595.00
Your Price: $6,200.00
You Save: $2,395.00 (28 %)
Brothers Guiding a Giant Turtle Fountain Statue
Two brothers guide their turtle friend towards the ocean in this large fountain statue for the pond or pool. Bronze.
Life Size Marine Turtles Fountain Statue
Life Size Marine Turtles Fountain Statue
List Price: $12,998.00
Your Price: $8,975.00
You Save: $4,023.00 (31 %)
Life Size Marine Turtles Fountain Statue
One of our large turtle fountain statues which will add a statement of marine life. Bronze sculpture.
Huge Turtle Fountain Statue
Big Turtle Fountain Statue
List Price: $15,585.00
Your Price: $10,995.00
You Save: $4,590.00 (29 %)
Big Turtle Fountain Statue
One of our beautiful turtle statues made suitable as a fountain sculpture. Bronze sculpture.
Sea Turtle Adventures Fountain Statue
Sea Turtles Adventure Fountain Statue
List Price: $16,998.00
Your Price: $11,300.00
You Save: $5,698.00 (34 %)
Sea Turtles Adventure Fountain Statue
Our three marine turtles capture life and adventure as they parade their way together in the sea. Large fountain sculpture made of bronze.
Looking Up Giant Turtle Fountain Statue
Looking Up Giant Turtle Fountain Statue
List Price: $24,595.00
Your Price: $15,995.00
You Save: $8,600.00 (35 %)
Looking Up Giant Turtle Fountain Statue
This giant turtle is certainly going to make waves as he spouts water into your pool or pond. Bronze sculpture.
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From little key hiders to key safes to large turtle sculptures and then turtle fountain statues and statuary, our turtle statues catalog offers a myriad of choices in fascinating turtles sculptures and statues some of which are so large they will make a definite impression to the garden landscape. Visit for large to life size bronze turtle sculptures which create awe and interest. Email us for more information on our turtle statues.

Protecting the Sea Turtle Habitat

Sea turtles which have lived since ancient times depend on man’s ability to control his environment and protect them. A large reason why these animals are in trouble is because of human activities which have caused harm to the populations of these sea turtles thereby affecting their survival. While the United States protects all sea turtles under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), not all countries take the trouble to protect their sea and marine turtles. They are cruelly slaughtered and poached for their eggs, meat, skin and shells. Mankind has also rudely affected their habitat which he destroys and sometimes sea turtles may get caught in fishing nets causing damage to them. Another reason not within our control is climate change which has an impact on turtle nesting sites because it changes sand temperatures and causes the sex of hatchlings to be affected.

So, why are sea turtles facing so much threat? The truth is these sea animals are facing extinction and there are many reasons for it. One of it includes the hunt for their shells which is known to be used in creating many luxury goods. Sea turtles have been hunted for their shells which are used to make jewelry and other luxury items, for centuries. The hawksbill sea turtle is poached for its lovely gold and brown shells and is sold in the black markets in Japan. Although shell trade is illegal as deemed by the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), it has not stopped the use of these shells being sold and this in turn has affected the population of the hawksbills. They are a critically endangered species now and have declined in population by about 90% in the last 100 years.

Climate change is also another reason why sea and marine turtles are facing extinction. Climate can cause a significant change in the sex of the turtle offspring. A warmer climate for instance can result in more female turtles being born which causes harm in reproduction. Also, the melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels have eroded the coastal habitats of sea turtles and caused their nesting beaches to shrink in size. Although the CITES prohibits the slaughtering of sea turtles for their body parts, this has not stopped poachers from slaughtering them for human consumption and the use of traditional medicine. Much of their body parts and eggs continue to be sold in the black market.

Another reason that causes trouble to the sea turtle population is tourism. Although they live most of their years in the ocean, female sea turtles need to lay their eggs on land. The use of beaches for tourism has caused harm on the sea turtle population and affected their nesting habits. Lighting on the beaches can affect female turtles which come to lay eggs making them disoriented. Turning off such lights would help because nesting turtles and hatchlings are guided by the moonlight. It is said that hatchlings will only emerge around 60 days after the eggs are laid. Other areas like coral reefs and seagrass beds are also used in tourism and have resulted in harm to the turtles who seek them for feeding habitat.

Some sea turtles can live for 50 years or more. They feed on anything like seaweeds and jellyfishes. They are also highly migratory and will travel miles across the oceans sometimes from Papua in Indonesia to the north western coast of the United States. If man does not do enough to conserve their population, we will lose these species and cause harm to the eco-system. As a result, many wildlife foundations and organizations do a lot by educating people on the need to protect sea turtles and their environment. Through treaties and a higher control on poaching, the sea turtle population can be regulated and saved.

C. Keller

17 February 2017

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