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Whitetail Deer on Base

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Whitetail Deer on Base
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Native to the United States and Canada, the white tail deer or sometimes known as whitetail, comes beautifully detailed in the form of this deer sculpture for the tabletop. Bronze.

Dimensions: 27"H x 25" x 10"

Weight: About 45 lbs

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks.

Deer Fun Facts

Do you know why the white-tailed deer are named the way they are? That’s because they have a 10 to 11 inch long flag like tail which when alarmed, will be raised to reveal their white underside. This act of raising the tail up as they run is called flagging. When the white-tailed deer escape this way, they are sending signals to warn other deer in the area of impending threat. They also raise their tails to show their bright white underside to confuse predators.

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