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Zebra Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Zebras which are found in most parts of Africa preferably in the eastern and southern parts of Africa, are known to be social animals which enjoy smaller family groups and they are easily recognized because of their markings found through their bodies. These animals belong to the family of Equus and include other members of the equine family like the horses and the asses. Research has indicated that there are three different species of zebras which exist on this plant and they are the Grevy's zebra, Plains Zebra and the Mountain Zebra. These herbivorous animals are known to have teeth that grow all throughout their lifetime because the teeth are said to wear out with constant grazing and chewing. Our range of zebra statues including fascinating life size bronze zebra statues and sculptures for the outdoors. Zebras are characterized by their distinctive black and white markings on their bodies. They are also vividly featured in much of the African folklore and stories across the world. Email us if you need more information on our zebra statues catalog.
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Large Zebra Wall Sculpture
Large Zebra Wall Sculpture
List Price: $7,500.00
Your Price: $4,850.00
You Save: $2,650.00 (35 %)
Large Zebra Wall Sculpture
Adorn the foyers or hallways with this beautiful wall sculpture of a mother zebra and her little foal. Bronze.
Plains Zebra Statues
Plains Zebra Statues
List Price: $19,500.00
Your Price: $12,580.00
You Save: $6,920.00 (35 %)
Plains Zebra Statues
Our set of Plains Zebras will surely add a surprise to the garden as they highlight an adult zebra with a young foal. Bronze sculptures.
Galloping Zebra Stallions
Bronze Pair of Galloping Zebra Sculptures
List Price: $62,500.00
Your Price: $45,875.00
You Save: $16,625.00 (27 %)
Bronze Pair of Galloping Zebra Sculptures
Two majestic zebras set the path as they raise their forelegs in salute. Bronze sculptures.
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